Despite the growing number of partnerships in North America, virtually no scholarly literature* exists about the collaboration between social work (MSW or BSW) student  interns and public libraries.

A growing chorus of public librarians are voicing their interest in hosting social work professionals and interns.  Attendance at professional workshops and panels have been known to reach standing room capacity.  Additionally, coverage in the local and national press captures this emerging partnership.

While no official tallies exists, the professional networking group Whole Person Librarianship currently exceeds 260 members comprised of MSW students, field educators, professional librarians, and social workers.

“…a highly trained social work intern who is able to connect these patrons to the social services could improve their lives. (MSW intern) Josue Hidalgo has been extremely valuable in this regard. He has also enlightened staff to the issues of our patrons and how we can help them. The social work intern program through Rutgers is exactly what I hoped it would be. It has been very successful.” – Doug Poswencyk, Branch Manager of the Somerville Library, cited in NASW New Jersey Chapter Newsletter.


*While I’m doing my part to fill the literature gap, the few exceptions I’ve found include:

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