Featured collaborations with links:

Forest Park Public Library (IL) and Loyola School of Social Work Interns

San Jose Public Library & San Jose State University

University of South Carolina & Richland County Public Library 

Athens-Clarke County Library & the University of Georgia School of Social Work

Enoch Free Public Library (Baltimore) & University of Maryland.  In its second year, the Social Worker in the Library Program has expanded to seven Baltimore branches

Stony Brook University School of Social Welfare has ten students in fourteen different library branches throughout Long Island, New York (as of 1/25/19).

New York Public Library & New York University

Rutgers University (NJ) has interns at Newark Public Library and various libraries within the Somerset County Library System such as the Somerville Public Library

Niles District Library & Western Michigan University

Kansas City Public Library & Park University (MO) is currently working with its “third generation” of MSW interns, some of which have been hired as social workers at KCPL.

Carbondale Public Library & Southern Illinois University

Anchorage Public Library & University of Alaska-Anchorage

Long Branch Free Public Library (NJ) & Monmouth University

Austin Public Library & Texas Western University. See half hour feature of four social work interns (2017) speaking about their placements at the Austin Public Library.


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