I’ve attempted to organize the following academic and mainstream resources thematically.  Please let me know of worthwhile suggestions to add.

Recent podcast episodes: 

Keane, D. W. (2019, June 18). What is library social work? [NASW Social Work Talks Podcast, Episode 34]. Retrieved from

Draper, C., & Foster, K. (2019, February). inSocialWork Podcast #264 : Carrie Draper and Dr. Kirk Foster: Exploring the Integration of Social Workers into the Library Setting (G. Hamilton, Interviewer). Retrieved from

Enoch Pratt Free Library. (2018, November 9). Kimberly Street and Laurel Smith-Raut discussing Social Worker In The Library [Podcast]. In Free to Bmore Podcast. Retrieved from

Tools for conducting needs assessment

Trauma informed care libraries (trainings for library staff by social workers and interns):

Athens-Clarke County Library & Univ of Georgia School of Social Work:

Denver Public Library – social work team (no interns at the moment):

Outreach – children

Kansas City Public Library. (2018). Front Porch Cafe. Retrieved from


Brooklyn Public Library. (2018). Jail & Prison Libraries: TeleStory. Retrieved from

New Jersey Library Association. (2018). Fresh Start Re-Entry Program @ Long Branch Public Library.I Love NJ Libraries. Retrieved from

The Link News. (2014). Library honored for innovative Fresh Start Re-Entry Program. Retrieved from


Long Branch Free Public Library. (2017). Fade to Books Barbershop Literacy Initiative. Retrieved from


Zettervall, S. K., & Nienow, M. C. (2019). Social work students: “Living the dream” in the library. In Whole person librarianship: A social work approach to patron services (pp. 49-63). Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.

Zettervall, S. (2015a, July 20). My library wants a social work intern! How do I make that happen? Retrieved October 5, 2018, from

Zettervall, S. (2015b, July 28). Ask WPL: Social Work Interns and Patron Privacy. Retrieved October 5, 2018, from

Zettervall, S. (2015c, August 17). Ask WPL: How can I find a library practicum that incorporates social work? Retrieved October 5, 2018, from


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