Below is a map created by Sara Zettervall of Hennepin County Libraries in Minnesota.  She has graciously allows me to assist her in updating this map of social work/library partnerships.  If you have updates to suggest, please contact me or Sara at Whole Person Librarianship (and check out her fantastic site while you’re at it!).

In addition, I do my best to maintain a database of individuals who may or may not be included on the map below. I compile this list from professional connections, web information, and reviewing available literature.

**Blue pins on the map designate interns at public libraries, either currently or within the last two years.  Other markers indicate different types of social work/library partnerships (full and part time social workers; professional social workers employed housed at a library on a part time basis).

2 thoughts on “Map

  1. Hello! This is an amazing resource but I was wondering what the different colors of pins mean? I know the blue is for interns at public libraries, but is there a difference between the orange, maroon, green, and black?


  2. Thank you! The other colors represent libraries that employee full or part time social workers or contract with a local agency to host social workers a few hours a week at their branch. You can see full details of this map at the Whole Person Librarianship website:


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